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James’ most recent movie, The Last Milk (2023, 10 mins), is a short documentary on family dairy farming and screened as part of the 2023 Wisconsin Film Festival. His film, Played Out (2019, 42 mins), a slice-of-life movie about three Madison-based musicians, premiered at the Wisconsin Film Festival and was the winner of a Golden Badger Award. He’s currently developing Connection, his 7-minute experimental short film about alien encounters, into a feature-length film of the same title.


The Last Milk

2023 | 10 mins


2022 | 7 mins

Catholic Boy still

Catholic Boy

2020 | 13 mins

Played Out film still

Played Out

2019 | 51 mins

Leslie still


2018 | 12 mins

White and Lazy film still

White and Lazy

2016 | 18 mins