White and Lazy | 2016 | 18 mins | 16mm


Set in 1991, White and Lazy follows Steve as he tries to collect the month’s rent from his eccentric roommates. Prone to singing in front of the mirror, smoking grass, hunting down breakfast burritos, and ranting about Ronald Reagan, Steve is decidedly not up to the task. It’s a film about laughing at yourself–watch it, man…you know, if you want to.

Selected Review

Set in 1991, this comedic portrait of an indecisive young man trying to collect rent from his eccentric roommates taps into the grand lineage of poor college kids living as weirdo artists in houses with way too many people. It’s tried and true, and White and Lazy captures it with perfect authenticity.

On February 1st, rent is due, and it’s Steve’s job to go around the house and get everyone’s money. Except no one is particularly interested or able to pay up. The drummer roommate in the attic claims he’s already given enough money to the rich landlord, while the new-age-bedroom-poet figures she has two days left to pay as she insists on using last year’s calendar. Steve knows the landlord won’t take kindly to the news and becomes increasingly anxious about the impending encounter.

Shot on 16mm, it’s a throwback to the indie age of Slacker and Clerks and would stand up to either. But there’s satire at play — the bohemian lifestyles and laid-back deflection of responsibility is played for laughs, but it’s coming from within. Director and actor James Runde obviously knows the scene, and he’s cobbled together a new slacker classic.

—Kentucker Audley, NoBudge

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June 29, 2017 NoBudge Shorts Program – Brooklyn, NY
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April 17, 2016 Wisconsin Film Festival
May 28, 2015 Madison Public Library – Lakefront Cinema Showcase
May 9, 2015 UW-Madison Department of Communication Arts Spring Showcase