Leslie film still

Technical Specs

Leslie | 2018 | 12 mins | 1.77 | HD


Leslie (2018) follows a local punk rocker as she comes home from a bad work day, catches her son smoking grass, and ditches to go to band practice. As the night drags on, she confronts the various problems arising between her and her son–if they’re both having a bad day, they may as well share it together.

The film is a precursor to Played Out. While that movie follows three characters (Leslie, James, and Booda), this one focuses on Leslie’s storyline. It doesn’t include all of Leslie’s footage from the full project and there are some notable differences in plot.

Selected Review

Motherhood, marijuana, and music commingle in James Runde’s dryly amusing short centered around a single mom/bassist/unemployed pot smoker, played with lots of low-key charm by Leslie Walker.

—Ben Reiser, Wisconsin Film Festival

  • Wisconsin Film Festival
    04/08/2018 | UW Marquee | Madison, WI