James Runde is an independent filmmaker, photographer, and musician from Madison, WI. He loves: cows, greasy spoons, the R&B/Soul section of a record store, Robert Altman, and tube amplifiers. He hates: sugary beverages, the interstate highway system, smart phone addiction, and Mitch McConnell. His movies include slacker comedies, family dramas, and avant-garde shorts. His recent film Played Out (2019, 51 mins) won a Golden Badger Award at the 2019 Wisconsin Film Festival. Watch the trailer:

His latest project Catholic Boy (2020, 13 mins) is a found footage collage piece starring Pope John Paul II, John F. Kennedy, and the CIA. It streamed as part of the 2020 Wisconsin Film Festival’s Wisconsin’s Own Shorts program. Watch the full movie:

As an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin-Madison, James helped make two notable short films, Seventeen Blue and White and Lazy. The latter of these was a slacker comedy shot on 16mm, funded with scholarship grant money. Watch the full movie:

Right now, he’s busy making his first full-length feature, Connection, restoring White and Lazy with new 2K film scans, and mastering the new Smells record. If you would like to contact James Runde to screen his work, ask about a collaboration, or if you are an independent filmmaker in the American Midwest, please send him an email at jcrunde@gmail.com.